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What is PPC?

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is an internet marketing strategy that uses a cost per click (CPC) model to charge advertisers. Advertisers are charged when the ad is clicked on and then leads to the desired action – whether it be filling out a form for more information, making a purchase, or signing up for a service. We are the experts when it comes to creating and managing ads that will get you actual results. You’ll be able to see your campaign’s performance in one centralized dashboard.

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Here we take our PPC services to the highest level with the 6-D process.


Setting up Goals

We start by defining goals and reviewing historical data to craft a clear plan of action. Then, we analyze cost per click, conversion rate: cost per acquisition ratios, as well as revenue to make sure our services are providing enough value.


Tracking Implementation

DIGIZL can help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. We’ve got Google AdWords and Analytics experts right in our office, so they’ll be able to set up basic or advanced tracking options for everyone on your team!


Keyword Research

With the right keywords and targeting, you can be successful with your campaigns. That is a key step in our process because, without these things, it would take longer to find what works for each account individually.


Ad Copy & Creative

Developing a successful ad campaign does not happen overnight. The team at DIGIZL has years of experience in the field, ensuring that your copy is top-of-the-line and creative will be flawless—no matter what industry you are targeting.


Optimization of Landing Pages

Optimization of Landing Pages is a critical conversion rate optimization strategy. Through our proven CRO process, we will help you optimize the design of your Landing Page to produce maximum conversions from visitors.


Biding, Monitoring & Reporting

Now that the process has just begun. We’ll monitor it daily with in-depth reports so everyone can see how well their business performs! In addition, DIGIZL monitors bids daily to ensure that our strategy is never overpaying.

Best PPC & Google Ads Services

We have grown as the best PPC management service company in the USA. We help you increase sales and ROI by making sure your campaigns are running at their peak level of performance with the highest quality customer support available in our industry. Unlike other companies who rely on automated programs to do all the work, we assign dedicated professionals who will take care of every detail for you so that nothing falls through the cracks. Unfortunately, your eCommerce site is experiencing a slump in sales. It could be the result of low traffic to your platform, which happens as competitors enter and exit the space or when users move onto other platforms altogether. With our conversion based PPC technique targeting qualified traffic, you have an opportunity for increased ROI and revenue growth with minimal investment on your part!

How Our PPC Marketing Services Benefits You?

  • Our Pay-Per-Click marketing services is all about maximizing your order sizes, finding cost-friendly plans and pricing for budgets of any size.
  • We help you identify the excess spending that might already be happening with keyword costs.
  • And We offer detailed reporting to keep you well versed when new metrics come out on how PPC works.
  • Our Pay Per Click Marketing always provides complete intelligibility over your accounts so that nothing will slip by unnoticed. While targeting profitable clicks instead of just trying anything – a surefire way not only to increase revenue but avoid wasting money as well!

Why Choose DIGIZL for PPC Marketing Services?

We just do not claim to be the top PPC company, so you might wonder why you should choose us. Well, we’re more than a one-shot pony! We are your best choice for a partner who will work with you every step of the way to provide cost-friendly services that produce results. Here’s what sets us apart from other companies:

  • Full client support through our team and online chat system 24/7
  • Our strategies are result-oriented by giving customers hundreds of ideas as well as insights on how they can improve their campaign themselves
  • Clear approach when it comes down to “what” is happening now? If there has been an issue or conversion rate drop, then those problems need solving first before moving onto
  • Full analysis of your PPC history
  • Conversion verification
  • Ad copywriting